Pocket Rooble was conceived of as a mash up of Scrabble and Rubik’s Cube. Imagine an 8×8 grid of letters where all the rows can slide left or right. When you slide letters off one edge they slide back on the other. Same for up and down. Now make a word by rearranging the letters. If you score a word it locks in place, but don’t worry, the unused letters still slide beneath the locked tiles. Keep going, keep making words, locking them down and scoring. It starts to get harder to rearrange the remaining tiles but try to make the most words you can. All done? Then Rooble subtracts a point for every leftover tile.

Pocket Rooble keeps your 10 highest scoring boards for reliving past glory and allows you to compare scores with the world using Apple’s Game Center.

Historic Perspective

  • The first Crossword Puzzle appeared in print in 1919.
  • Scrabble hit the market in 1938.
  • Word Search was invented in 1968.

New word games don’t come along that often. If you look over the mobile word game landscape nearly all of them are some version of those three games. Pocket Rooble feels similar but its game play makes it another thing entirely. A new type of word game. Its a word game that couldn’t exist in the real world as letter tiles behave in a way that makes sense in video game world (going off one edge and coming back on the other is familiar to anyone who’s ever player Asteroids or Pac Man). But that only reinforces the feeling that this game is in the same league as the classics.


Pocket Rooble was created by e.w. parris, a mobile and web designer/developer living in Warrenton, Virginia. He’s been making fun computer experiences since he got his first Commodore 64 in 1983. Since then he’s mastered more than 8 different programming and scripting languages. He currently works developing online educational experiences for the K-12 learners. He is a father of 3 sons and a grandfather to 4 grandsons.


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Promo codes are available – reach me via Twitter DM if you’re a journalist looking for a test ride.