Nothing is more important to me than the satisfaction of you, the Rooble players. If you run into any issues, I hope you’ll use the form below to contact me to give me the opportunity to help resolve any problems you might be encountering. While I’m getting back to you you might try looking at the How to play section or the screen-by-screen description of the Pocket Rooble interface. You may find an answer there. If you have any questions about the words Rooble accepts and rejects, Rooble uses the same ENABLE word list used by Words with Pals or other similar games. I’ve removed any racial epithets or hate speech I could find within the list (but left plenty of naughty bits for those of you so inclined). If you find Rooble rejects a word that you can prove is valid (with a mainstream reference citation), I may include it in the next update. No promises on that though.

Also, if you’re deeply loving the game, feel free to drop me a line to let me know that too!