To play Pocket Rooble, you only need to know a few simple moves.

1. Slide columns up or down.

Swipe up or down on any column to move the unlocked letter tiles in that column.

2. Slide rows left or right.

Swipe left or right on any row to move the unlocked letter tiles in that row. This lets you move the letters around the entire board to assemble your word.

3. Select your word.

Long press on the first letter in the word you made, then drag through to the last letter.

4. Score your word.

Double tap your word to score it. If it’s a valid word according to the ENABLE word list of over 70,000 words, the letters turn green and lock in place and each tile value is added to your score.

4. But…

If your word isn’t on the ENABLE list because it isn’t a word or it’s misspelled, your selection turns red and you receive no points.

5. Drop a selection.

To drop any unscored selection you can tap anywhere on the board and the tiles will return to their normal state.

6., 7. & 8. Have fun!

That’s all you need to know to start playing Pocket Rooble, but there’s more to learn to become a true master. Every new board is a unique new challenge. There are a few secrets to getting some of the really high scores you’ll see on the Game Center scoreboard. Heres one hint:

There are words within words.


p.s.- If you’d like to see a screen-by-screen, button-by-button description of the Pocket Rooble Interface, just click here!