“This game is like opium for word lovers.”


It’s simple enough.

Pocket Rooble starts with an 8 x 8 grid of 64 randomized letters. With a swipe, slide the rows left and right or slide the columns up and down. Rearrange the letters to form words. Then select the words, lock them in place , and add them to your score. The remaining letters slide under the locked words, emerging on the other side. Keep at it until you have as many words as you can find locked down… but… the more you lock down, the harder it is to rearrange the letters. Any unused letters will deduct a point from your final score.


“Pocket Rooble is an instant classic”

Plain and unpretentious. No gems or power-ups or sparkly animations. But beneath that staid surface lurks the potential for addiction. Like all classic word games it uses the ENABLE word list to keep you honest.